Turner Family History

Pictured Above Is Edna Margaret Turner

The original Turner Family Reunion Founders were: Georgia Turner-Fowler, O.J. Price, and Clarence Adams. The most important thing is to "Know Your Roots" as quoted by one of our late founders, Georgia Turner-Fowler.


The  very first Family Reunion started in Detroit, Michigan in 1980 by Georgia Turner-Fowler. The second Turner Family Reunion was held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1982 by David and Oclean Wilson.


The third Turner Family Reunion was held in Oakland, California in 1984. The fourth Turner Family Reunion was held in Kansas City, Kansas in 1986.


The fifth Turner Family Reunion was held in Littlerock, Arkansas in 1987. The sixth Turner Family Reunion was held in Chicago, Illinois in 1989. Other states that have hosted were: Southfield, Michigan, Denver, Colorado, Oakland,CA, Ohio, Louisiana, Phoenix, Arizona, Kansas City, Kansas, Washington, DC, Kansas City, Missouri,  and other cities.We have been going strong bi-yearly and have been blessed to be approaching our 22nd Turner Family Reunion, being held in the BEAUTIFUL Emerald City of Seattle, which hosted the last Reunion here in 1992.  We are excited and we are FAMILY !!!!! 


If you know of other historical facts that you would like to share, please feel free to send them to the site or e-mail.

Thank you and looking forward to seeing you in June 2014


May God Bless and Keep you safe in his loving arms,


Seattle Hosts of the 22nd Turner Family Reunion

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